Business Continuity Exercises

Multi Agency ExercisePlanB have a wide range of experience in developing and carrying out exercises. These have ranged from desktop exercises and walkthroughs to full multi-agency exercises. PlanB also have experience of running exercises to test procedures for the movement of IT and people to Work Area Recovery (WAR) sites.

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Charlie has also wrote the Business Continuity Institute's Exercising Booklet, a copy can be found Here

The exercises below show a selection of some of the major exercises which have been run by PlanB:


PlanB Consulting's Charlie Maclean-Bristol and Jennifer MacKenzie carried out a Webinar during Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015, where they discussed the importance of simulating both media and social media during an exercise. The webinar is available below:



TNT “Exercise Piccadilly 2″

Major exercise to develop the further the plan and to train members of the Tactical Team in their role.

Read the business continuity exercise case study here


Large Two Team Exercise - 'Exercise Abraxis'

PlanB Consulting's largest exercise to date, envolving both the Strategic and Tactical teams of a large multi-national defence organisation. PlanB unveiled their new Social Simulator MITS for this exercise.

Read the business continuity exercise case study here


Local Authority Strategic Team Exercise

Carried out an exercise to train a local authority on their new strategic and tactical plan. Involved briefing both teams followed by an exercise involving both teams where the scenario was the loss of the councils headquarters as well as the main data centre housed within the building.


Government Agency Tactical Exercise

PlanB was asked to carry out an exercise for the organisations tactical team. This was the first time many of the participants had taken part in an exercise and they were exercising their newly written Business Continuity Management Plan. In order to enhance the realism of the exercise the following clip was used to ‘set the scene’ for scenario.


Business Continuity Exercise – Gold Dawn

This was an major exercise in 4 parts to test a major utilities recovery strategy.

  • Exercise A involved 130 staff setting up their business recovery teams and responding to a denial of access to the company’s largest building
  • Exercise B was a strategic exercise involving the MD of one of the biggest divisions and the CEO responding to the denial of access
  • Exercise C involved the setting up of the IT and telecoms systems at the recovery centre.
  • Exercise D consisted of bussing 120 staff to the recovery centre, practicing ‘live working’ and taking customer calls to prove that the recovery strategy could be verified.

See Exercise Gold Dawn presentation.


Exercise Comet

Exercise for a healthcare insurance provider to practice operational teams recovering from loss of their main building. A second exercise was run to practise the strategic team dealing with the same incident.

Exercise Centaur

Multi-agency exercise based on the scenario of a major sewage spill in a residential area in Southend. The exercise involved the Water Company, Environment Agency, Local Authority, Police and the Fire Service. Exercise was based around an ‘on site’ team working from a model of the local area working back to the Local Authority, Police and the Water Company incident rooms.



Water Contamination Exercise

Major exercise involving Bedford Health Authority, Bedfordshire County Council, the CCDC (Consultant in Communicable Disease Control) and Water Company looking at a potential Cryptosparidium contamination of the local water supply.