Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)

PlanB Consulting have helped a number of companies develop their Business Continuity provision, then providing continued support to the organisation to keep their Business Continuity Management System up to date. PlanB Consulting have carried this out for organisations who either want to be aligned to ISO22301 or who have a requirement to certify themselves to the standard.

We have been working for Water Direct for over 5 years and have recently helped them recertify to ISO 22301, we have done exactly the same for a tech company based in Sweden and San Francisco. We have just also renewed for a further 3 years our BCaaS with a Bio tech company based in Glasgow. In all, we have 7 organisations who we provide BC services on an ongoing basis.

The folowing are the advantages of using PlanB Consulting to manage your BCMS.

  1. Fixed cost of the service allowing Business Continuity to be built into the annual budget
  2. Expert ongoing support by qualified practitioner
  3. Included in the service can be Catalyst software
  4. Ensures that business continuity is not allowed to get out of date
  5. Ensures you are incident ready
  6. Investment in Business Continuity maintained
  7. Ensure your Business Continuity is up to date with the latest tools and techniques
  8. Expert assistance and support at the end of the phone
  9. Saves having to annually bid for a Business Continuity budget
  10. Saves organisation's time to concentrate on "day job"
  11. Cost effective, especially for organisations who cannot justify the cost of a full time Business Continuity Manager. PlanB Consulting have a number of different models and costs for providing this service