Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is one of the most important elements of the Business Continuity Management Lifecycle. If you do not get this element right, then you might choose the wrong strategy and plan for the recovery of the wrong activities. Your recovery timescales (Recovery Time Objectives [RTOs]) for recovery may also be wrong. At best, selecting RTOs which are too short means that you are probably spending money unnecessarily; having your RTOs too long may cause your organisation to be damaged unnecessarily and could ultimately lead to (if got very badly wrong), your organisation not recovering from a disaster.

Our Director Charlie Maclean-Bristol has written an article on defining your RTOs and the rule of 'thirds', which was posted on Continuity Central. If you would like to read the full article please click here.

PlanB Consulting consultants have considerable experience of either supporting clients to develop their own BIAs through the Train – Support – Assure process or through carrying out the BIA on the clients’ behalf. Business Continuity is both an art and a science and PlanB Consulting has a tried and tested methodology as well as considerable experience in delivering this part of the Business Continuity Management Lifecycle.