Development of Crisis Management Plans

PlanB Consulting has developed a wide range of different crisis plans for a number of different organisations. The crisis plans always included ‘all-risks’ plans at the strategic level, which gives a robust framework for the senior management to manage any incident. We can also write plans for specific events such as kidnap and extortion to travel security response plans. All strategic or ‘crisis plans’ always include a communications and managing the media element.

PlanB Consulting work to the requirements of BS 11200 Crisis Management - guidance and good practice and incorporate best practice for a number of different crisis management experts. PlanB Consulting’s plans have been used in action and have proved their worth in managing an incident.

Crisis preparedness assessment and audits

If your organisation has limited crisis management plans or are not sure they are fit for purpose PlanB Consulting can conduct a gap analysis to give you confidence that your plans are robust or to identify the gaps in your present level of planning.

For organisations with a mature crisis management provision we can audit your organisation against a standard such as BS 11300 or against best practice in the industry.

Reputation Risk Assessment

Crisis within organisation are often caused by issues that accelerate to become full blow crisis’s for the organisation. Different industries are also susceptible to different types of incident which could if they occur could also develop into a crisis. PlanB Consulting offers a reputation risk assessment which will by a series of interviews and workshops review the reputational risks to your organisation and identify where further planning, implementation of controls or further mentoring would reduce the risk. The finding of the assessment will be presented in a comprehensive written report and a presentation by one of PlanB Consulting’s Directors.

Plans for specific scenarios

PlanB Consulting can help you develop plans for specific scenarios including

1. Response for incidents at specific assets

2. Security response plans

3. Travel security incident

4. Response to cyber attack, data breach and hacking


Travel security incidents

The Japanese earthquake, the Icelandic volcano and the Arab spring have all affected business travellers, and many companies have realised that they did not have adequate procedures, protocols and structures in place for reacting to events and for looking after their staff. 

PlanB Consulting can help you put in place protocols which staff must follow before travelling outside their host country. These can include: country risk assessments prior to leaving; submission of detailed itineraries and contact information; medical risk assessment and inoculations; and security briefing prior to leaving. While staff are travelling, PlanB Consulting can help develop plans and procedures for dealing with any event.

Typical events planned for could range from medical emergency, country evacuation, becoming involved in a natural or man-made disaster, to robbery and being caught up in a terrorist attack such as the attack on the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai.