Defensible Decision Making Training


In an incident do you have to provide expert advice or take decisions which could have major consequences or impact on members of the public, the environment or on your organisation?

This training course will enhance individual and teams competence through providing the necessary skills and tools to enable a logical, defensible and justifiable approach to decision making. The decision making tool is based upon the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) recently published “National Decision Model”. The model demonstrates the benefits of linking decision making to the values of the organisation and the need for decisions to be proportionate, legitimate, authorised, necessary and ethical.

This course is a must for defending individual and organisational reputation in this era of constant and sustained political, legal and regulatory scrutiny!


  • Understand the need for good decision making
  • Understand the benefits of good decision making
  • Implementing the 5-steps to Defensible Decision Making
  • How to link decision making to mission and values
  • Defensible Decision Making in practice
  • Validation exercise

The training is aligned to The Emergency Planning Society Core Competences Framework and National Occupation Standards (NOS) in Civil Contingencies. The course will contain a mixture of teaching and then the students will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned. Students will also be shown how to use a decision making model recording sheet and will be given copies of the sheet to use in the future.

Who should attend

  1. Employees expected to make major decisions during incidents
  2. Advisors and those who provide technical and scientific advice
  3. Directors / Chief Executives

Duration and Cost

The course duration is 3 hours and up to 12 students can attend each course.

The fee is available on request. (Please note expenses outside the central belt of Scotland will be charged at cost.)

Course author and presenter

This training has been developed by Paul Macfarlane of Strategic Resiliance a former member of Strathclyde Police.  The workshop will usually be delivered by Charlie or Kim.

To book a training session

Contact PlanB Consulting on 0871 663 7799 , email or click the Book button below.