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Administration people play a crucial role in the incident room in order to make sure it is running efficiently and that staff are able to respond and manage an incident. They are involved in a number of tasks including the initial set up of the room, logging information and decisions, managing information, facilitating communications and may also be responsible for catering. PlanB Consulting believe that well-trained administration people are an essential part of the incident room staff. The course will give administration people the skills and confidence to perform their role effectively. T


  • Role of the administration person
  • Setting up the incident room and incident room facilities
  • Managing information and use of incident boards
  • Logging and recording decisions
  • Adding value to incident management
  • Pre-incident and post incident tasks

The course will contain a mixture of teaching and then the students will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned.

Who should attend

The training is aimed at those who have been designated an admin role in their plan and must provide administrative support to the incident management team at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Duration and Cost

PlanB Consulting offer this training for up to 12 students per session.

The fee is available on request. (Please note that expenses outside the central belt of Scotland will be charged at cost.)

Location: In house

This course is available as an in-house option so will be conducted at location of your choice.

Course Author and Presenters

This training has been developed by Charlie and Kim Maclean-Bristol and will be presented by one of them. Further details of their profiles are available here.

Recent Course Feedback

"Overall a good workshop, informative. Thanks you". Easter Jagun

"Very well thought out and relevant" 

"Really useful, tailored spec to our role: Interactive and very informative" Rachel Langworth

"I really enjoyed this course and found the practice and content very useful. All questions I had were answered. I feel more confident on processes should an real incident occur".

To book a training session

Contact PlanB Consulting on 0871 663 7799 , email or click the Book button below.