Planning and Running Business Continuity Exercises


As more and more departments develop business continuity plans, the pressure increases on the Business Continuity Manager to conduct more exercises to meet the requirements laid out in the organisations business continuity policy. The organisations Business Continuity Coordinators are responsible for writing and updating their plans however they often do not possess the skills to develop and run an exercise and produce a post-exercise report. The aim of the training is to give Business Continuity Coordinators and other business continuity staff the skills, tools and confidence to plan, run and report their own exercises. Participants will receive a scenario list and a number of templates which they can use to run their own exercises. The training will be very interactive and those participating will have the opportunity to plan and take part in a number of exercises run by those on the course.


The syllabus will be as follows:

  • Introduction to exercising, why exercise and types of exercise
  • Running short exercises, Speed ExercisingTM and short exercises practical
  • Planning the exercise, writing the exercise instruction, defining exercise objectives and scenario development
  • Students develop their own exercise
  • Briefing participants and delivering the exercise
  • Student practice delivering exercise
  • Debriefing, writing the post exercise report and following up after the exercise

Students will be given a number of documents which they can tailor to the needs of their organisation. These include an exercise instruction, a list of possible scenarios, a post exercise report template and a selection of feedback forms.

Who should attend

Anyone who is responsible for planning and delivering a business continuity exercise.

Duration and Cost

The training will be over one day and up to 12 students can attend one course.

The fee is available on request. (Please note that expenses outside the central belt of Scotland will be charged at cost.)

Course author and presenter

This training has been developed by Charlie and Kim Maclean-Bristol and will be delivered by either one of them.

To book a training session

Contact PlanB Consulting on 0871 663 7799 , email or click the Book button below.