Business Continuity Services

PlanB Consulting supply a wide range of services including business continuity, crisis management, training & exercises and planning services.

Please read our helpful guide on how to choose the right business continuity consultant for your business.

Full lifecycle development

full lifecycle development

Development of the full business continuity lifecycle.

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Business impact analysis

business impact analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is one of the most important elements of the business continuity lifecycle.

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Business continuity software

business continuity software

PlanB can help your organisation develop their strategy as part of the business continuity life cycle.

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Business continuity plans

business continuity plans

PlanB consultants have considerable experience in writing business continuity plans for different organisations.

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Business continuity exercises

business continuity excercises

PlanB have a wide range of experience in developing and carrying out continuity exercises.

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BC Audit & Gap Analysis

business continuity audit gap analysis

We have extensive experience of auditing and conducting gap analysis against the PlanB maturity model.

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ISO 22301

iso 22301

PlanB can help your organisation align with or be certified to the ISO22301 standard.

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BC As a service

business continuity as a service

PlanB can take the ongoing management of business continuity "off your desk".

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Training & Exercises

Incident management

incident management

We provide incident management training at all different levels from senior managers to duty managers responding to an incident.

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Incident team performance

incident team performance

PlanB can formally assess the performance of you incident team.

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Media Incident Training Sim

business continuity exercises

M.I.T.S is a simulator which allows exercise players to view and engage with media and social media as they can in real life.

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Training courses

training courses

PlanB Consulting have developed a number of short in-house courses which can be run within your premises, developing new skillsets for your staff.

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Crisis Management Services

Crisis management planning

We supply crisis management training, exercises and plan development to our clients.

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Crisis management training

Training for senior managers in responding to incidents where the organisation reputation could be threatened.

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Crisis communications

Develop a crisis communications plan either as part of a strategic plan or as a stand alone document.

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Cyber Incident Management

PlanB can provide your organisation with the skills to manage the response to a cyber incident.

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Planning & Other Services

Emergency planning

emergency planning

PlanB has wide experience of developing emergency plans and a number of them have been used successfully during incidents.

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Organisation resilience

PlanB can audit your level of resilience and help you develop it further.

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BC for local authorities

PlanB consulting has developed an innovative way of promoting business continuity to the local community.

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Pandemic planning

Organisations need to understand the affect of a pandemic on their business model, which is where our pandemic planning service can help.

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Travel security

travel security

We can help you develop travel policies, staff risk assessments and train and exercise your incident team to deal with incident overseas.

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ISO 27001

iso 27001

PlanB Can carry out internal audits and carry out a gap analysis against the ISO 27001 standard.

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Zika virus

zika virus

We can help you organisation understand the impacts of the Zika virus.

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National emergencies

national emergency excercises

PlanB has the experience in planning, developing and carrying out major multi-agency exercises for foreign governments.

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