Media Incident Training Simulator (M.I.T.S)

2016 M.I.T.S won Emergency Planning Society Award for 'Most Innovative Product of the Year'  




MITS was shortlisted at the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) European Awards as: 

'Continuity and Resilience Provider (Service/Product) of the Year 2016'

'Continuity and Resilience Innovation of the Year 2015' 

The media and social media landscape

  • Communicating during an incidents or crisis is one of the most important things an organisation will do.
  • It is often more important than what they do! 
  • Incidents are played out across the media and the social media and organisations are judged in the court of public opinion.
  • Organisations need to be prepared to respond to an incident quicker then ever, to avoid looking incompetent, unprepared and uncaring or all three. 
  • Organisation need to be prepared to face the media.
  • They also need to be prepared to engage with those on social media even if the organisation does not use some or all social media platforms.
  • Social media gives critics, trolls, disgruntled customers and employees a voice which will be listened to.
  • You need to be prepared!

Simulating the media and social media

  • M.I.T.S is a simulator which allows exercise players to view and engage with media and social media as they can in real life. 
  • It is private to the exercise and all players need a password to access it.
  • It allows for 'live' feed from all of the commonly used media and social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, TV, radio, online news and newspapers.
  • It also simulated the organisations own corporate website.
  • It is simple to use and to post information into the simulator

Use during an exercise

  • Players can be anywhere in the world and see updates in real time.
  • All players can see the feed but only certain pre-agreed players can post to it.
  • PlanB, during the exercise, will post to the simulator during the exercise.
  • Communications departments can then react to the posts, untruths, customer complaints and rumours.
  • The simulator can be use to post the organisations response including items they would post on their website.
  • The PlanB operator can then respond on various channels to the organisations post providing an engaging and fast moving exercise.
  • All posts are time and date stamped so after the exercise the response can be replayed and analysed.

Types of exercise

  • During a command post or desktop exercise it can add an extra dimension, allowing communications personnel to play a full role in the exercise.
  • It can be used to drive the scenario.
  • It can be used by communication professionals to run their own exercises to practice their communications skills.
  • During a multi-team exercise it can be used to practice communications and coordination while driving the scenario.
  • Used to train communications professionals.

Types of deployment

  • PlanB Consulting plan, run the exercise, operate the system and provide feedback at the end of the exercise.
  • It can be hired for your own exercises or training.


"For many years, our Scenario Cell has carried out a decent job in inputting and reviewing media and communications challenges using telephone and email injects. However, using the MITS in a recent, large scale physical business continuity exercise added a significant degree of realism and engagement to the whole process. The visualisation of media injects coupled with real time and reactive updates really challenged  the exercise participants to up their game. As the dust settles post-exercise, we are also finding huge added value from the system as we walk through and review the audit trail of communications captured during the exercise and really drive out the lessons learnt. In terms of cost-benefit, this is paying dividends, as we are able to identify, remediate and tangibly improve our response for the future"

-Business Continuity Manager of recent client

Want to know more

If you are taking part in an exercise please click here to be taken through to the M.I.T.S site.