Incident Team Performance Assessment

Incident teams may want some feedback on their performance as a team and compare themselves with industry best practice. They also may want to conduct a series of exercise over time and have their performance assessed to demonstrate continuous improvement. PlanB Consulting have developed an Incident Team Performance Assessment methodology developed from best practice across a number of different industries, including the military and emergency services, as well research papers on Crisis Management.

The team is quantitatively assessed on their capability pre-incident including how up to date the plan is and the level of training of the team. On the day of the exercise the team is again quantitatively assessed by an umpire on their incident management skills, on communications and reputation management, use of the plan and procedures and recovery management. The team self assess, the plan contents and their own teamwork. 

Each category is broken down into a number of individual elements and then scored out of five. In the Post-Exercise Report the scores in each category are given, plus their is an assessment by the umpire on the teams strengths and areas of improvement. The industry average is given and teams can compare themselves against the industry average. By using the assessment in future exercises the team can demonstrate continuous improvement.

The price of the assessment is available on request.

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