Understanding the Risk of Zika

Charlie has writen a number of blogs Zika virus and can advise client on how to respond the the outbreak. Some of the actions which should be taken in response to Zika are:

  1. Ensure you know what parts of the world are affected.
  2. Understand where your staff are travelling to and be aware if you have expatriate staff based in affected areas.
  3. Check your organisation’s policy and guidance for staff going to an affected area. Are they being made aware of the potential risks and the precautions they should take?
  4. Are staff given guidance how to recognise if they have Zika, how it should be treated and how to report it internally within the organisation and to their home country?
  5. Speak to your travel insurance company to get their guidance and suggested precautions.
  6. Check your country’s guidance on Zika and make sure that your organisation conforms to it. On the UK Health England site, it suggests that pregnant women should postpone non-essential travel to all high risk Zika countries.

More about the virus can be found at the following links:-



Here is the link to a webinar Charlie contributed to involving Dr James Logan - Department of Disease Control and Scientific Director of the Arthropod Control Product Test Centre and Andrew Woods of Everbridge on Zika.